Saturday, 3 October 2015

Further thoughts of Sainsbury's...

I have just emailed in some additional objections, which read as follows.

"Further to my previous objection, I would like to express several additional concerns that I have about this application (partly as well to amplify some points in my first objection).
First, the new lay-by for deliveries only catersfor trucks coming from one direction and leaving in the opposite direction. This will create difficulties (on an already-congested stretch of highway) when the deliverytruck arrives at the site from the Bingley direction or wants to head towards Bradford after completing its delivery.

Second, these deliveries will have to be made across the footpath and therefore will block pedestrian access. Other shops in the area (for example, the Co-Op) have rear access for deliveries.

Third, the proposed delivery-only layby is unlikely to be adequately policed and will almost certainly be used as well bycustomers 'nipping in' for a pint of milk or to use the ATM. This will create problems when deliveries arrive.

Fourth, the application does not adequately resolve the conflict between (a) cars from the Bingley direction seeking to turn right into Sainsburys and (b) cars from the Bradford direction seeking to turn right into Victoria Road (the latter manouvre has become more common since the right turn at the old 'Tramshed' roundabout was outlawed by the new junction there). Linked to this are the tricky manouvres of cars leaving the Sainsbury's car park and turning right towards Bradford. And, remember, all of these vehicle movements will be taking place along a stretch of road that is regularly filled with cars queuing in the Bingley direction (the supermarket will be busiest at these peak commuter times).

Fifth, vehicles entering the car park when it is full will not have enough room to turn round easily and will sometimes seek toreverse out into busy traffic and across a busy footpath. Indeed, the entire parking area is very constrained and leaves very little room for manoeuvring - hardly ideal and potentially dangerous for anyone parking to go into the store with small children.

Sixth, vehicles travelling towards Bingley andwaiting to turn left into the Sainsbury's car park will cause blockage for those wishing to exit Grosvenor Rd.

Seventh, the entrance/exit of Sainsbury's will be directly opposite busy bus stop which has at least eleven services per hour in daytime (not including school services) and wheretraffic already has to squeeze past parked buses. These drivers already have tonegotiate the right-turners into Grosvenor Rd and Victoria Rd who occupy the centre of the road.

Finally, I would like to add a request that, in the (hopefully unlikely) event that the planning panel has a fit of the vapours and decides to award approval, that two firm conditions are added: (1) that a clearly-marked and signed pedestrian crossing is provided across the entrance to the car park so as to facilitate pedestrian movements and try to minimise the number of cars parked across this busy pedestrian route as they seek access and egress from the site, and (2) that the boundary between the delivery bay and the pavement is bollarded sufficiently to prevent lorries using any part of the footway for their manouvres."

So, if everyone else can pile in too, that would be great!

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